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How to find a new career

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Date: Wed, 4 Jun 2014 Time: 10:55 PM

Back in the old days, young people would leave school, possibly go to university, find a good job and then stay with the company for years, sometimes even decades. They would get a steady pay rise, annual bonuses and promotions. At the end of their career, they would get a golden handshake and perhaps a small gift as a thank you for so many years of hard work and then they would retire. Well, times have certainly changed. It is harder now than ever to get a job. Youngsters are graduating with high-end degrees only to find themselves searching for a job years later.

In this day and age, it is important for people to be able to adapt and change in order to stay employable. No one sticks with the same career for even more than a few years. Artists can suddenly become writers, or programmers become entrepreneurs. There is even a new term, called "slashies" where people become, a "photographer/writer/graphic designer etc." With this in mind, it's important for everyone to know just how to find a new career when the need arises. Here are some tips:

  • Identify when the time has come to leave your current career. Perhaps you're a graphic designer that just can't seem to find work, but there's an abundance of copywriting jobs available. Maybe that's the sign you need to move away from graphic design and embrace something new.
  • Decide what your next move is going to be. It should be something you could fairly easily get involved in. If you're in a creative field, moving onto something creative will be a no-brainer. Going from graphic design to suddenly trying to be a Chartered Accountant might be a stretch.
  • Can you afford to leave your job immediately? If you're caught in a bad situation, then it might be tempting to leave your job immediately. Check your employment contract because you might have to give your current employer four weeks' notice before you are able to resign. Also consider how long it might take to find a new job. Keep in mind that any potential new employer will be interviewing various candidates and it could take up to three months to secure a new position.
  • Update your CV. Not only should you spend time updating your CV, but also spend time customizing your CV to various positions. If you're looking for a graphic design job that might lead to a position as a creative director, make sure you highlight any project management and sales skills so that a potential employer can visualize you fitting into the exact position they need.
  • Scour the web for job listings in your area. Forget the newspapers – they don't stay nearly as up to date. Browse recruitment agency websites as well as career websites to find out what is available in your area. It might also be worthwhile to set up a Google alert so that you are notified when new positions become available. Update your LinkedIn profile online so that potential recruiters can find you on this popular business networking website.

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